Workshop Public Speaking & Tour Leader

Siddhi School of Entrepreneurs mengadakan Workshop Public Speaking dan Tour Leader sbb :

1. Public Speaking (14 Juli 2013)
Oleh : Wicky Andry
Lead Trainer productivity Guru
Consultant & Specialist in: Presentation skill & leadership

2. Tour Leader (dlm bahasa Inggris) ( 21 Juli 2013)
Oleh : Hartawan Setiawan
Tour leader Siddhi Tour

Facilitator : Landu Sudirman

Hari : Minggu
Tgl. : 14 dan 21 Juli 2013
Jam : 14:00 s/d 17:30 WIB

Investasi : Rp. 100.000/2 sesi
(Cofee Break & materi)

Peserta max 20 orang, sisa 5 kursi..

Hub segera sdr(i) Yuvi No 021-71338900

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